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How much is the world? The ecological footprint

Cologne Science Center

Cost: consult
Target: 8 - 10 years and adults
Size: 140 sqm
Availabity: ask for information
Topic: environment
Format: interactive exhibit
Year: 2011

The ten interactive and informative exhibits that comprise the event exhibition “How much is the world? The ecological footprint” enable visitors to experiment with the ecological footprint, explore thebackground of the ecological footprint and learn about the individual, local, national and global opportunities and possibilities on how we can handle our resourcesmore sustainably. The event exhibition wants to create awareness that a more sustainable way of living is possible. What can an individual do? What should we use the resources for? Who can do what in order to reduce the ecological footprint? How can we achieve the 2-degree target for climate protection?

The stations in this  interactive exhibition help you find out how the footprint can help us to use the natural resources in a more thoughtful way.

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