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THE BRAIN use it or lose it


Cost: go to
Target: 6 years
Size: 600 - 700 m2
Availabity: november 2013
Topic: science
Format: interactive exhibit
Year: 2009

The human brain is the highest achievement of nature. Our brain is the result of 3.8 billion years of product development! Three internationally recognized science centers have developed this hands-on exhibition, where visitors can experiment with their own brains in a completely unique way and achieve an understanding of the brain and its possibilities. Through 50 entertaining, educational and absorbing activities, the exhibition invites visitors into a futuristic mind-training center.

The exhibition is divided into 7 themes, which present the latest knowledge about the brain through activities that illustrate  the brain’s functions. Visitors spend an average of 1,5 hours in the exhibition. The atmosphere is excitingly intense and focused as the guests are absorbed by the activities, which are suitable for both adults and children

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