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PLAY – The Collective Experience

Nacho Rodríguez Bach

Cost: 25.000€ / month
Target: all audiences
Size: 400 sqm
Availabity: contact
Topic: human being
Format: interactive exhibition
Year: 2009

Nacho Rodríguez Bach, graduated in Composing at Berkley College of Music in Boston, and took Film Studies at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. This composer and multidisciplinary artist has developed an independent and original language. His quest includes the creation of experiences using innovative media to get close to the audience. Nacho’s work feeds from basic forms and everyday languages which make the visitor feel included in an extraordinary experience. Music, science and technology are combined together in order to provoke reflection. His art has travelled as far as to the streets of Beijing, the Zócalo in México City, and even to a former viceroyal convent, a Dutch cathedral and a beach in California, among many other public spaces and museums all over the world.

Collective Experiences is Nacho’s approach to the main issues of today offering a summary of fundamental civic values. This artwork promotes integration into society through a new philosophy suggested by the author and based on recent studies. This exhibition aspires to be a path to a conscious society. His philosophical proposition combines play, art and science. In this context, being a friend means being a good citizen, not as a goal but as the consequence of personal integration. A friend is someone who can see beyond his own needs and thereby meet other people and share in the game of life. Thus, Collective Experiences suggests that it is possible to grow and transcend thanks to others.

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