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Fragile Nature

Joel Sartore

Cost: 15.000€/month
Target: all audiences
Size: 90 linear meters
Availabity: inmediatlely
Topic: environment
Format: photography
Year: 2008

The frontiers are mostly gone now, and so is our connection to the land. No generation has ever been as far removed from the natural world as we are today. Many of us live in air conditioning and sit at computers all day. We see wildlife only on TV and in zoos. For some of us, Mother Nature is no more important than the need for an umbrella on a rainy day. But we are all in this together. We’re just now realizing what’s good for nature is good for humanity.

In contrast, we live in a society that values competition so highly that the ‘us vs. them’ mentality is hard to ignore. It’s time to think of nature as a benefactor not an adversary.

Joel Sartore has been a collaborator for National Geographic Magazine for more than twenty years. The images in this exhibition are witness of the devastating effect humanity has over nature. This is the introduction to one of the ten series of images that make this exhibition.

Exhibition website: http://www.joelsartore.com/gallery/fragile_nature/1.php

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