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Water Portraits Project

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Cost: see - More information
Target: all audiences
Size: between 34 and 60 images
Availabity: ask for information
Topic: environment
Format: photography
Year: 2011

A visual journey which guides the visitor from the contemplation of the almost spherical shape of a water drop to the majesty of the Greenlanding Icebergs, from the morning dew in the city’s gardens to the rainbow on the Argentinian/Brazilian Iguacù Falls, discovering what is beyond one of the most precious element for life.  Exploring 6 different themes (Water drops, Waterfalls, Iceberg, Water as Life, as Science, as Art), WATER PORTRAITS is a tribute to the beauty and the various changeable shapes of water.

The WATER PORTRAITS project includes indoor and outdoor exhibitions, audio-visual shows, fine-art photographic prints, educational material, water Labs, merchandising products.

For more than four years photographer Alessandro Bee has travelled the world documenting, with camera and video, the powerful, elegant beauty of water. He has won 3 prizes at the international competition Wildlife Photographer of the Year, organized by London Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife.

The exhibition includes stunning photographic images, multimedia installations, original soundtrack, educational vi­deos and texts, water physics laboratory for kids, macrophotography studio-set will disclose to the visitors the marvelous science beyond Water.

Exhibition website: http://www.water-portraits.com/

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