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Running the numbers

Chris Jordan

Cost: 8.000€/month
Target: adults, young people
Size: big: 16 images - medium: 10 images
Availabity: immediately
Topic: environment
Format: photography
Year: 2009

This exhibition takes a look at the contemporary American culture through the austere lens of statistics. Each image represents a specific quantity of something: fifteen million of office papers (five minutes of paper usage); one hundred and six thousand aluminum cans (thirty two seconds of cans usage) and much more. The objective of the photographer is to use these images as a way to cause a reaction from the observer, going further from mere statistic presentations.

Statistics have an abstract and distancing effect, making it difficult to understand the significance that 3.6 million 4×4 vehicles sold each year in the USA have, for example, or the 2.3 million of Americans imprisoned or the 32.000 breast augmentation operations performed in USA each year.

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