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Wild Wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe

Cost: see
Target: all audiences
Size: big: 80 images - small: 49 images
Availabity: varies, ask for schedule
Topic: environment
Format: photography
Year: 2010

The biggest conservation project ever developed: 69 nature photographers, 125 missions on over 48 European countries.  This exhibition reveals to the world the incredible European natural treasures. It’s a celebration of the extraordinary biodiversity of the European continent. An exhibition of the incredible places that still exist in Europe and many of the species which, little by little, return to their former habitats, not only in remote areas but also in our cities and towns! This is an example that conservation works but also a way to think about the challenges to come, the continuous loss of biodiversity and what we can do to prevent it.

Most Europeans know more about African nature than the one from their own continent, this exhibition will change that. This exhibition was opened as part of the events for 2010, International Year of Biodiversity.

A beautiful publication that includes the images shown in the exhibition, is available through Lunwerg editors.

Exhibition website: http://www.wild-wonders.com/

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